On September 18 – 27,  2019 NTP held training of TPE331 engine familiarization, theory and practice for cadets from Air Force Academy (Akademi Angkatan Udara - AAU) of Yogyakarta. Training material consist of  theory and practice, where theory takes place in the classroom (NTP Training Facility), while the practice is carried out at NTP’s Workshop to learn how to handle engine directly, The cooperation between NTP and AAU has been going on since 2016.

On the first day all the Student doing workshop visit accompanied by NTP’s expert to explain the process of maintaining repairing and overhauling engine. Also there will be a test for cadets to produce skilled personnel at he beginning of training and final day of training.


Mr. Sumardiyono, Vice President-General Manager of SBU of Aero Engine Services, give opening speech of TPE331 engine familiarization training.

Mr. Umar, Engineer from NTP , accompany the cadets and  explain the process of maintaining repairing and overhauling engine while shop visits