PT Nusantara Turbin and Propulsi (PT NTP), represented by the Director of Operations and Commerce, Mr. Triyono along with the management of PT NTP received a visit from Indonesian National Armed Forces Staff College (Sesko) TNI,  PASIS DIKREG XLVI SESKO TNI TA 2019 on August 28, 2019.

The Commander of Sesko TNI, Air Marshal Trisno Hendradi in his written remarks read by the Education Director of Sesko TNI, Brigadier General Deddy Kusbandi, S.I.P, M.Si as the Chairperson explained that this visit was part of the educational curriculum that must be followed by every Pasis or Perwira Siswa (Student Officer ) with the aim that the PASIS DIKREG XLVI SESKO TNI TA 2019 can have the abilities and problems faced by the objects visited, so that the data is needed as analytical material in order to provide input or suggestions in increasing the role of PT NTP.

A speech was also given by PT NTP’s Director of Operations and Commerce, Mr. Triyono who welcomed and thanked the Pasis of Sesko TNI visit to PT NTP as a strategic object. PT NTP is a Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) company for aircraft and industrial engines that has been recognized by the world with international certificates in handling engines. In relation to the TNI (Indonesian Armed Forces), PT NTP has long cooperated with the Air Force, the Navy and the Army in the maintenance and repair of aircraft engines.

At the event, the student officers were given the opportunity to discuss, question and answer with the leaders and management of PT NTP. In addition, the student officers also made observations by visiting PT NTP's shop and test cell facilities.


Director of Operations and Commerce of PT NTP, Mr. Triyono with Brigadier General Deddy Kusbandi from Sesko TNI


PASIS DIKREG XLVI SESKO TNI TA 2019 with PT NTP’s Director and Management

at Test Cell Facility of PT NTP