With stipulation emergency status about spreading of covid-19, PT NTP are making policies to prevent the virus spread on PT NTP’s environment. This is done so the MRO (Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul) process keep running even tough we are in emergency condition of Covid-19

By appointing Dept of HSE as Coordinator of Handling Covid-19 at corporate environment, PT NTP conducts procedures that include the following matters:

  • Socialize about what Covid-19 is, indication, cause, how it’s infecting and how to anticipate it.

  • Check the body temperature of all people who will enter corporate area

  • Provide Hand Sanitizer to use before entering office/repair area

  • Provide hand washing facilities as part of “Wash Your Hands with Soap” movement in every rest room, ablution place and canteen

  • Installing good and correct hand washing guidance according to WHO standard

  • Using disinfectant liquids for imported sparepart/engine from other country

  • Applying “Partial Work From Home” system, where some employees are working from home, and others are working from the office

All procedures that have been done, will continue until unspesific time. As PT NTP’s commitment to protect employees, labor, and all people who do activities in PT NTP.