January 22, 2020


Indonesian Government via Ministry Of Labour have declared “ National Health and Safety Month 2020”, starting from 12th January  2020 until  12th February  2020 using theme “Optimalisasi Kemandirian Masyarakat Berbudaya K3 pada Era Revolusi Industri 4.0 Berbasis Teknologi Komunikasi.”


HSE department as a one of PT NTP’s department which has a function to ensure policies and regulations about health and safety keep running at the company. It purpose so health and safety of employees, customers and every stakeholder companies are safe, conducive and productive.


One of PT NTP’s HSE policy are obligate all employees to inform and report every incident / condition about health and safety at company, specially incident / condition that affect integrity of safety and potentially becoming occupational disease. So, other employee could learn from reported incident and not repeat  the same incident in future. Therefore, PT NTP are developing Job Safety Report Monitoring  program to help employee reporting every condition and unsafe action by on-line at their workplace 




Job Safety Report (JSR)


Job Safety Report (JSR) is a reporting system which made as a reporting communication media that contains date, place and description of incident about health and safety. Previously, employee are required to write out this form and put it into JSR box, So HSE Dept or other related department could handle the problem as soon as possible regarding the reported condition


To support National Health and Safety month with technology based, HSE dept representing PT NTP are developing JSR form into Online Based Form which is uploaded to PT NTP’s internal web. By this development, it is expected to reduce paper and make JSR become more transparent, and every employee of PT NTP could access JSR report without requesting data form related department. And can be monitored along responded for it’s solution and it’s warning level.