PT Nusantara Turbin dan Propulsi (NTP) have launched a new corporate website to replace the old website. The function of the corporate website is as a medium to convey information from the company to all stakeholders, especially consumers, partners, and the public. With new designs and content such as career menus to simplify the employee recruitment process, there is also a menu of spare part sales and the latest news content of the activities carried out by PT NTP. Thus, it is expected that the PT NTP website can increase user satisfaction.


Website design transformation

In accordance with the initial purpose of transforming the website, PT NTP has had good interactions on its website pages that have been visited more than 64,972 times since the website's first year was created, and have been visited by users from various countries in the world.

The number of visitors as of April 30,2019 and the countries that visit the website most often

In addition to creating a new website, NTP also has a Twitter, Instagram and Youtube accounts so that it can be more interactive and can convey information about the activities of PT NTP.