Seoul International Aerospace & Defence is a biennial event which concern in Aerospace Industry. This event was followed  by 33 countries and 405 companies as the exhibitors. Many visitors around the world have participated in this event. There are VIP Delegations, 78 delegations from 53 countries and regions and so on. Showing aircraft and helicopter products also a variety of weapons systems for defense and security of the country was the major theme in this event. Furthermore,  in this event too, companies who engaged in the field of MRO participated in the event, because all aircraft, helicopters and Main Equipment and Weapon requires maintenance and anual repair, (in accordance with the regulations that have been determined).

Picture 1 . All NTP Representative with Republic of Korea Airforce and Aerobridge (Our Customer)




Picture 2. Mr Heru Widodo (VP Marketing of Aero Engine Services-NTP) gives explaination about Indonesia Army Industry.